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Gilbey on Film: Chronicle of Protest, previewed

April 27, 2011 News, Reviews No Comments

Gilbey on Film: Chronicle of Protest, previewed
New Statesman Cultural Capital
by Ryan Gilbey – 27 April 2011 11:43

Activist video is providing a corrective to the mainstream media –
but nothing beats the power of a cinema screen.

“One of the qualities I love about cinema is its assertiveness: it’s so much harder to overrule or ignore a film when it’s on a cinema screen, whether that screen is in the Grand Palais in Cannes or the Slough Cineworld, than when it’s on television, laptop or iPod. I was impressed when I watched Chronicle of Protest, the omnibus edition of Michael Chanan’s attentive video blogs for the NS, on DVD this week. But its real power will become apparent, I suspect, only when it is screened in a cinema, as it will be this Saturday as part of the East End Film Festival.”

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